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5 Clues That a PMO May Be Right For You

5 Clues That a PMO May Be Right For You

Need to Improve Outcomes, Increase Consistency and

Maximize Bandwidth? 

We love working with savvy CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, COOs, General Counsel, EPMO, PMO, and other Top Leaders who recognize that the best way to get results is to set clear direction and create an environment where people can be successful.  We invite savvy leaders who want results and who care about people to schedule a free 30-minute consultation today.

When you look under the hood, is that complicated engine overwhelming? 

Does everyone have a different driving style? 

Are people too tired and overworked to be as effective as you know they could be

or are the same people asked to do everything?

Are you a C-level or Top leader in your organization?  

Fast Dream Car

Project Management Office (PMO) LiteTM

We work with you to right-size best practices used by the Fortune 500 to:

  • Allocate the right resources to the right projects at the right time 

  • Get it right the first time, eliminating work that is redundant and unnecessary

  • Drive organizational adoption of key, consistent project management best practices 

  • Baseline where you are today and create an action plan to improve your project success rates, maximizing return on your project investments 

  • Implement proven methods for organizations of any size to be more agile in responding to our ever-changing modern economic climate 

  • Prove and continuously improve the value your organization delivers 

Leader with torch on fire

Are you a Talent Torch Bearer?

Leaders who know that the heart of any organization is its people will enjoy our practical approach to easing the pain of getting projects done while improving results. 


We love working with Human Resource (HR) Professionals, Project Management Office (PMO) Leaders and Management at all levels to make your organizations great places to work and retain top talent.  


Whether you are an HR leader tasked with offering project management training across your organization, a PMO leader who needs to expand best practices across your organization or a Manager who knows there is a better way, we invite you to schedule a free 30-minute consultation today.  

Projects can be intense.  We’re here to help. 

Partner With Us

Many people wonder how does a project run late?  

The answer:  One day at a time.  

Determined tiger

Do You Have a Tiger Inside You?

Have you been trusted with leading a project?  Have you had any formal project management training recently?  Are you already working a full-time job and concerned about the amount of time managing a project takes?  Is this an opportunity to gain exposure and deliver value if it goes well?  Are you nervous that if it fails, your career will suffer?  

We know that people who are experts in their current roles and take pride in their work, but then need to add “part-time project manager” to their workload often prefer access to the answers they need quickly and a plan to succeed.  We offer practical advice to help you navigate the terrain of “projectland,” which is entirely different than operational work, has different rules along with its own language and toolkit.  If you’re being entrusted to lead or be part of an important project, then you have a tiger inside you.  You’ve been recognized for your strengths.  We can help make your pursuit efficient (and shhhhhh, maybe even a little fun).  Check out our upcoming courses.

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