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Smart Tips:
Project Management & Agile

Your Quick Video Guide to Manage Projects Like a Pro, Impress Your Boss & Build Skills to Succeed at Work & in Life

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If you have been assigned to a project at work or if you are an ambitious person, this course is for you. Why? Because at some point or another every professional is asked to be part of a project or lead one. But the world of projects is completely different than the world of operations and theory is very different than practice.

Projects are unchartered, intense terrain.


Hi! I'm Dawn Mahan. Consider me your tour guide through the intense terrain of Projectland. I will share strategies and practical techniques to help you navigate and succeed in your own version of Projectland. By the end, you will be able to decide for yourself if navigating Projectland is scary or exciting. You’ll learn to think more like a professional project manager, equipped to assess and respond to project risk, so that you can deliver results. You will also be introduced to the project manager role, so that you can decide whether it is a good fit for you. If not, you can direct your career to be more suited to your strengths.

In this course, you will gain skills in planning, leading and delivering successful projects, which will help you to accomplish more, stress less, impress your boss and achieve your career goals.

Here is just some of what we’ll cover:

  1. What a project is and what it is not, so that you can know which work on your plate will benefit from project management techniques

  2. Who is in Projectland including what the boss of a project is called, a deep dive into the project manager role and an introduction to different kinds of team members

  3. Who stakeholders are, how to think about them and make sure they don’t sabotage your project

  4. Tips for running great meetings in Projectland, because you simply can’t be a great project manager without this skill

  5. What a successful project is and how to set your project up for success at the start, including one simple technique every project leader MUST do in the beginning

  6. How to choose the right project management process to organize your project and move it smoothly from idea to done

  7. How to leverage best practices that professional project managers use including the schedule, budget, scope, resources, quality, risks and issues

  8. An introduction to four popular flavors of Agile, including Scrum players, ceremonies and artifacts

  9. Why agile can be used beyond information technology projects INCLUDING by a six-year-old

  10. An introduction to popular project management and agile professional organizations, including a deep dive about the Project Management Institute (PMI), their certifications, and how you can learn their complex, global gold standard through storytelling and gamification.

A PwC study of over 10,640 projects found that only 2.5% of companies complete their projects 100% successfully. This course is full of practical tips that will help you improve your chances of being part of that tiny top 2.5%. Since initiatives or projects are formed because results are expected, NOT delivering can quickly become detrimental to your career. On the flip side, doing a great job on projects can boost your visibility and be a great opportunity to accelerate your standing in any organization.


The “Smart Tips” format is a little different than other courses, because all of the lessons are about 5 minutes or less and offer practical action tips for you to apply immediately on the job. Because the lessons are “bite-sized,” they are easy to fit into your busy schedule, whether that is before your next meeting, waiting for your morning beverage to brew or when you pick the wrong line at the grocery store!

I am so excited about this course, because after teaching and coaching thousands of ambitious professionals around the world, leading a new Project Management Office in the Fortune 500, advising top executives and spending over 20 years in “Projectland,” I know that a quick video series that professionals could learn from and secretly lean on as a refresher is incredibly valuable.

Are you ready to get to the next level in your career and have fun doing it?

If you have access to Udemy Business through your employer, sign up for FREE HERE.

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