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Lively Learning with The Project Gurus

EP: 01

Emotional Intelligence in Projectland

Explore Emotional Intelligence in Projectland, including:

  • What is Emotional Intelligence?

  • What are the top signs of highly emotionally intelligent humans?

  • What self-awareness elements are important to YOU?

  • Why should I care about EI in Projectland?

EP: 02

Change Management in Projectland 

The people side of a project is critical to achieving business outcomes and ensuring your workforce is getting the most out of it.  How do you ensure people are on board with and properly prepared for the change especially when resources are limited?

Learn this and more in our session with former Navy Fighter Pilot and Project Change Management Guru, Dave. 

EP: 03

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Projectland

Learn about AI in Projectland from MIT AI Guru, John Hack, including:

  • Where AI is being used on projects today?

  • What clues can we look for to decide if AI is a viable solution?

  • The fear of AI and what we can do to prepare ourselves for the future

  • What are John's favorite Agile techniques in AI projects and why?

  • What exciting disruptive AI project is John working on now?

EP: 04

Design Thinking in Projectland

In this session with Singapore-based Guru, J.K. Chua, we presented a design thinking primer for project managers and answer the following questions:

  • What is Design Thinking?

  • Who is using Design Thinking?

  • Why is Design Thinking important - A Case Study

  • How can Design Thinking help us in Projectland

  • How do we become Design Thinkers?

EP: 05

Certifications in Projectland

In this lively session with Guru Crystal Richards, we answered these questions:

  • Why get certified?

  • When should I get certified?

  • What are the most popular certifications?

  • How do I know which certification is right for me?

  • How do I prepare to PASS?

EP: 06

Pain in Projectland

In this session, we will have a lively discussion about project manager pain points with Bill Dow and answer the following questions:

  • What are top pain points today?

  • Why are we in this situation?

  • How do we avoid or get out of these situations?

  •  What other pain points are you seeing?

EP: 07

Product Management in Projectland

In this session, we asked Jammal to share his perspective on the following popular questions:

  • What is product management?

  • What are the similarities and differences between product and project management?

  • What do you think is the main role of a product manager in Projectland?

  • How do you approach the ideation, planning, and delivery stages of a project that is focused on creating a product?

  • What are some of your favorite tools and methods to manage your product projects effectively?

  • What are some of the common challenges or risks you have faced or anticipate in your product projects?

  •  What are some of the best practices or tips you can share for aspiring or new product managers in projects??

EP: 08

Napoleon in Projectland

In this lively session, Jerry Manas and Dawn Mahan share valuable insights from Napoleon’s rise and fall and apply them to modern-day leadership and project management, addressing the following questions:  
1. What can Napoleon teach us about the art and science of project management and leadership? Why Napoleon? 
2. What research, record-keeping, and organization methods did Napoleon use that I can apply to my projects for better results? 
3. How can Napoleon help me better understand the dynamic between project management and strategic leadership? 
4. What principles did Napoleon employ that can help guide me as a project manager and leader? 
5. How can I learn to adopt Napoleon's successful traits while avoiding his negative traits that could lead to my own Waterloo-esque downfall?  

Get Jerry's Curated Napoleon Quotes HERE

EP: 09

Flourishing in Projectland

In this episode, Ruth Pearce and Dawn address the following popular questions:
1. Can we measure the attributes that lead to success in Projectland?
2. Can these attributes be developed and nurtured over time?
3. How do you define hope, and what role does it play in Projectland?
4. What is the value of bravery and curiosity in navigating the complexities of Projectland?
5. Reflect on your Projectland journey: What type of Projectland citizen are you? How do you feel about this world? What strategies will you experiment with to make 2024 your best year yet?

Get Ruth's Book HERE

EP: 10

Conquering Complexity in Projectland

In this episode, we’ll be exploring that very idea with Mark Burnett, Son of the Caribbean, who has managed complex projects across 19+ countries (~30+ sister islands). You’ll get an inside perspective on challenges, how to organize complex projects with confidence, and bring people together to work collaboratively. Because teamwork really does make the dream work and avoid the stuff of Projectland nightmares.

We’ll aim to answer the following popular questions:
1. What makes a project “complex”?
2. What is the Project Management Office (PMO)’s role related to complex projects?
3. What recommendations might help us to deliver complex projects successfully more often?
4. What are the best methods or methodologies to help manage a complex project?
5. How do you successfully drive results in cultures that are more relaxed?

Get Mark's Top 10 Tips HERE

EP: 11

Meet the Players in Projectland®

In this lively discussion, we’ll explore the following topics in Dawn’s upcoming book: Meet the Players in Projectland®: Decide the Right Project Roles & Get People On Board

  1. Do most projects really fail? Why?

  2. How does understanding the players in Projectland® help us succeed?

  3. What is Projectland® and why is it different from business-as-usual?

  4. What are the roles you’re likely to encounter in Projectland®?

  5. Do you know who your stakeholders are and what to do about them?

  6. Can you really get the right people in the right roles and focused on the win?

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